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North of Britain Easter Festival

Floral Hall, Southport

Inventive Dance Competition – Friday 14th March 2006

It is my pleasure to be asked to write the report of the 2006 North of Britain Inventive Dance Competition. After a confab with my friend Bridget, it was agreed that I should do the writing, so here goes.

Good Friday morning, 9-15 am on a bright but very windy and cold morning, found us at the doors of the magnificent Floral Hall at Southport. The foyer was already full of SD’s filing into the main hall to find their allotted seats and by start time at 10-00 am, every seat was taken, with standing room only at the back to accommodate a few extra spectators.

David opened the Comp. with a few words of welcome, and then handed over to the Compere for the day--- Gary Sharpe and the very capable Jean Robson on the music. The Adjudicators were introduced ---- Muriel Aldren , Dawn Parker ,Patricia Jay, David Hipshaw, Arthur Parr, Colin Taylor , and Harry Youlton, and we were off!

Classical [silly name] Sequence first. 30 entries to start off with trimmed down to 25 recalled. A further recall saw 15 entries back on the floor, taken down to a Semi Final of 9 dances.

The tension was beginning to mount as it was obvious that every Competitor was giving their all, believe me, there was some very fierce dancing going on for a further place! The adjudication was very close as when the final was called, the scrutineers could only find FOUR dances to clearly recall AND they were all TANGO’s. Difficult decisions had had to be taken to arrive at that result!

In past observations by me, I have berated Adjudicators of apparent lack of interest of their duties, but I have to say, quite emphatically, that this panel were 110 % on the job throughout the Comps, and all credit to them for a job well done!

The final outcome is now well known, and any one of these four would have been a worthy winner, but it was a win for Robert & Louise, with a fine danceable DAYTONA TANGO.

Moving on to the Latin Section, there were 23 entries, with 16 being recalled for another look. These were reduced 9 for a Semi Final, and once again, the heat was on! One could feel the ferocity of the Jive, the exuberance of the Samba, the intense feeling of the Rumba and sheer excitement put into the Cha‘s. It felt like a war out there, and they all deserved to win! Alas, it came down to FOUR dances again, 2 Cha’s & 2 Rumba’s, and it was Steven & Helen’s Cha- Cha, the Qin’aide, [Chinese for my darling, I’m told]

that won the day.. An excellent day and an excellent Comp.

Fen [or Rumpole]



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