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Scottish Dance Teachers Alliance
Brunton Hall, Musselburgh


 Sunday 27th August 2006


Well, it was more than twenty years since we were last at the Brunton Halls Musselburgh, and at that time it was for the competition as ran then, with Highland,  Ballroom, Latin, Old Time and Sequence all running in various halls over the weekend. This time just for the SDTA Inventive Dance Competition, something a bit new for us, coming into Sequence Dancing from Ballroom and Latin. Here's my impressions of the day for you all!

Lovely sunny day, and off at the start with the Latin Section, 17 entries in the first round down to a semi-final of 12 dances. The final was made up of 5 dances, two Sambas, a Mambo, a Salsa and the eventual winner,  from Graham and Kathy Thomson, the Raylyn Rumba.

Adjudicators for the event were Arthur Parr, Colin Taylor, Paul Wallace, with Elaine Sharpe and Aileen Brown. Jean Robson was looking after the music, Charlotte Comrie scrutineered, and Jim Murray compered the event. Thanks also to George and Janet McDonald who were floor leaders for the day's general dancing. We also met up with various people we knew from before, Warren Brown with chain of office as SDTA President, and of course Robin Flynn and June Day who organised the event superbly.

The Modern and Classical sections followed, and the Classical section first round had 22 entries. Sixteen of these came back for the second round, with 12 making the semi-finals. There were six dances in the final, 3 of these were Saunters, one Tango, one Blues and then the winner, the Alpine Stroll from Ian and Sue Webster.

The Modern section attracted 23 entries into the first round, with 19 dances making it through to the second round. The semi-finalists totalled 12 dances, with the final made up of three Tangos and the winning Waltz, James' Waltz danced by John and Maureen Dack.

On a personal level, I was impressed with the work of Tracey Schofield and Alison Daley, no less than four dances through to the three finals, and all very well presented!

Enjoyed the day, and I'm sure we'll be back again!

Mel Evans