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Northern Counties Dance Teachers Association

Inventive Dance Competition - South Shields
Sunday 15th January 2006

List of Entries and Recalls

Adjudicators were Mr. Pat Sharkey Lincoln, Mr Fred Hardy from Lancaster, Margaret Halliday from Bolton, Joan Fields from Sunderland and their Chair Mrs Denise Dyer from Barnsley.

Latin Section

      Semi Final Final  
1 Colarado CCC Jim and Hazel Wake      
2 River Esk Rumba Kevin Page & Valerie Laws    
3 Cavendish CCC Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn  
4 Mock Orange Mambo Ian & Sue Webster    
5 Senorita CCC Ann Brown & Kevin Donnelly      
6 Ewden Rumba Neil and Leslie Marshall    
7 Toscana CCC David Belshaw & Karen Kelly Withdrawn    
8 Jaguar Jive Edwin Vickers & Beverley Murch- Fowkes Winner
9 Bannerdale Rumba Michael & Angela Hayton▪  



      Semi Final Final  
10 Sea Breeze Saunter Rita & David Harrod      
11 Tango Carolina Robin Flynn & June Day    
12 Saunter Verona David Belshaw & Karen Kelly Withdrawn    
13 Eskdale Tango Michael & Angela Hayton    
14 Saunter Amara Helen Blackburn & Steven Shaw Winner
15 Indiana Swing Jim and Hazel Wake  
16 Saunter Christine Edwin Vickers & Beverley Murch- Fowkes    
17 Tamerack Tango Ian & Sue Webster  
18 Bagdale Blues Kevin Page & Valerie Laws  
19 Seacrest Saunter Ann Brown & Kevin Donnelly      
20 Rivelin Tango Neil & Lesley Marshall  
21 Regatta Swing Rita & David Harrod      
22 Saunter Samantha Jim & Hazel Wake    


Ballroom Section

  Ballroom   Semi Final Final  
23 Ferranti Foxtrot Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn  
24 Borrowdale Waltz Michael & Angela Hayton  
25 Lady Bower Foxtrot Neil & Lesley Marshall  
26 Bertie’s Quickstep Ann Brown & Kevin Donnelly      
27 Golden Rose Tango Kevin Page & Valerie Laws Winner
28 Waltz Sundae David & Rita Harrod      
29 Mahonia Foxtrot Ian & Sue Webster  
30 Redesdale Waltz Jim & Hazel Wake      
31 Sherwood Foxtrot Edwin Vickers & Beverley Murch-Fowkes    
32 Tango Mosaic Rita & David Harrod    
33 Seaburn Quickstep Jim & Hazel Wake    
34 Rimini Foxtrot David Belshaw & Karen Kelly      
35 Waltz Laura-Paul Robin Flynn & June Day  



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