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Northern Counties Dance Teachers Association

Inventive Dance Competition - South Shields

Sunday 15th January 2006

Northern Counties is "my" local Dance Association so I will try to be as unbiased as possible when writing this report!!!!!!!!

It was hardly light in this part of the world when we set out for Temple Park Sports Centre, which for us is less than 10 miles from our front door.

We arrived in the car park at 9.50 dismayed to find places in the car park and believing no one had turned up. It did not take long to see how wrong we were. We walked into the hall to find ladies had already filled carrier bags with shoes from Fina; new outfits from Steven Martin and Javids and were going back for a second look.

The hall was buzzing with activity and friends meeting friends they had not seen since the last NCDTA inventive. Before catching up on the gossip they all needed to exchange welcoming New Year hugs and handshakes: such is the custom in this part of the world.

If you have been to Temple Park Leisure Centre you will know the room we use is a huge cavernous space, usually used as an indoor Football pitch. Transformed into a dance theatre on comp day a horseshoe of chairs and tables to seat 600+ people rings the inner dance floor area. At the back of the hall the traders sell their wares, and there is a little coffee shop for snacks and drinks. Of course there is the normal sports centre café upstairs that serves healthy chips, burgers, beans and sausages!

By the time the dancing started all the tables were full and overflowing (and so was the car park). The music indicted that the day was about to start with everyone invited onto the floor to get warmed up and ready for a busy days dancing.

The Adjudicators were Mr. Pat Sharkey Lincoln, Mr Fred Hardy from Lancaster, Margaret Halliday from Bolton, Joan Fields from Sunderland and their Chair Mrs Denise Dyer from Barnsley.

Entries were not as high as they have been in past years but there was a great turn out of some of our very best competitors. (See the running order)

The competition started with 8 couples dancing in the Latin section. Six couples were recalled to the semi final and three couples danced for the winning place.

Edwin Vickers and Beverly Murch-Fowkes with their Jaguar Jive proved to be a highly popular winner in the hall and I am sure this dance will be equally as popular in the dance clubs.

The first round of the Classical Sequence began prior to lunch and general dancing continued throughout the lunch break, proving to be a popular addition to the programme.

The semi final of the Classical Sequence continued after lunch. The 13 entries were reduced to five dancing in the final. Helen Blackburn and Steven Shaw won with their Saunter Amara.

This Saunter has brought positive comments from all our dancers, as it is very achievable and has a lovely easy flow to the movements.

Finally we came to the Ballroom Section and what a difficult job the judges had. After the first round most of the 10 people on our table had chosen a different winner. The section began with twelve dances, 5 Foxtrots, 4 Waltz’s, 2 Quicksteps and 2 Tangos. It was clear that which ever dance won on the day the quality the entries made them all winners and we will soon be dancing all of the rest of the entries in our clubs before too long.

Three dances were eliminated in the first round. Six dances were left in the Ballroom final, which was eventually won by Kevin Page & Valerie Laws.

Following their win, Kevin and Valerie decided to change the name of the Tango from the Turnbull Tango to the Golden Rose Tango, dedicating their winning dance to their parents whose 50th Wedding Anniversary it is next week. The Tango under either name is a dance that spectators loved and a great Modern Tango to dance.

Our plastic is bent to breaking point; our feet are sore with dancing and our hands warmed by clapping. In other words I am dying for a cup of tea and my own chair in front of the telly, but we have had a fabulous day that will leave wonderful memories.

Our thanks must go to the competitors, without whom there would have been no competition. Thank you to all the organisers for a day well run. If there were any problems they were not obvious. As spectators we have had a spectacular show of dancing and enjoyed every opportunity to get onto the floor to enjoy the great general dancing. Here was something for everyone, and it has been enjoyed.

I cannot close this report without congratulating Lee Dudman who made such an excellent job of running the music. Thanks to everyone concerned.

If you could not make it this year why not check Sunday 14th Jan 2007 for next years comps?





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