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Report of Butlins Northern Inventive Competition.

Whitwick - 1st October 2006

The Winners -

Sunday morning, another dash down the M1 to Whitwick in Leicestershire , for the Butlins Northern Inventive. As usual we crazy dancers are going to spend it indoors again , indulging in our favourite pastime!. Naturally, we arrived early, Once inside ,we found the hall well organized and the tables laid out and numbered, thanks to the organizing skills of the of Harry and the Team

At 10=45 precisely ,Harry Youlton called the hall to order and introduced

the panel of Adjudicators, namely Derek Tonks , Julie Williams ,Dawn Parker ,Ethel Grundy and Chairman Jack Briggs ,with Terry Grundy on the music.

We started with the Old Time section, with 29 entries, but 1 withdrawal, reducing to22 and to 14 for a semi-final and 5 for a Final. The Winner emerged as a Blues , called BAMBOO BLUES , by Ian & Sue Webster.

An pleasant dance, very danceable ,and immaculately presented.

Personally , I liked the Saunter presented by John & Maureen Dack and I was impressed with the Blues by Beverley and Edwin. It looked difficult to call a winner in this section.

I must comment on the length of time it took over this section--- It seemed to go on forever [[ nearly 4 hours by our reckoning ] and people were getting restless.

Next followed the Modern section, with entry of 31 dances ,but 2 withdrawals.

Recalled were 22 dances, down to an 11 dance S/ Final. The Final recall was a 4 dance event, which was won by a TANGO ,called the TELLARVERA TANGO. by Steven and Helen Shaw

There were some quality dances in this Modern section in all four styles and it could have gone in any direction on quality alone, but the winner was by popular acclaim.

I really liked the Waltz by Edwin and Beverley, and the Tango presented by Neil & Leslie Marshall

I must add that it was becoming very evident that we running very late ,judging by the anxious looks of the Hall Staff, but ,once again , Manager Aubrey worked his magic and somehow found some extra time for us from his very tight schedule, otherwise the Latin section looked like finishing in the car park!!

The Latin section was the final section with an entry of 22 dances. ,but with 2 withdrawals .

20 dances were reduced to 12 dances for a S/Final and down to 6 for a Final round.

The winner was a Cha Cha by Edwin & Beverley ,called the BLUE RIBAND CHA CHA. A neat , uncomplicated offering, danced in great style as usual.

At this point , I must make a special mention of a new face in the Latin section.

This young lady danced for the very first time in an Inventive Comp. and I must say that she gave some of the veterans a run for their money. Trained by John & Maureen Dack and partnered by John, she gave a very competent offering for the Judges to consider. I am told that she devised and scripted the Cha Cha herself, with no help from anyone. WELL DONE, SARAH LORD! , we will watch for you in the future .It is gratifying to see one so young starting in our Sequence scene .

Praise must be given to Harry & Sheila Youlton and their team for their organizing of this event, not forgetting Terry Grundy for some terrific music, even though the Gremlins kept disrupting Terry’s efforts with the CD’s and of course to the Adjudicators for their considered professional judgement. All in all , an excellent Comp. ,albeit a long one .

Fen Parker,

[edited so that I do not offend anyone by SHE that shall be obeyed]



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